We seek to be as transparent as possible with our investors as we carry out business. We are available to communicate and clarify your queries.


Clarion Asset Management Ltda. incorporated in São Paulo is an authorized asset manager regulated by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Comission – CVM (Comissão de Valores Mobiliarios).

The Clarion Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund is being incorporated in Luxembourg and will be:


  • i. Regulated by the authorities of Luxembourg.
  • ii. Registered with FATCA
  • iii. Audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)
  • iv. Type UCITS IV SICAV
  • v. Custodian will be UBS
  • vi. Anti-Money Laundering procedures in place

At Clarion, we fuel the high levels of commitment with a greater purpose in our life´s work, measuring success with more than investment profits themselves and aiming to reap priceless rewards.

Clarion intends for each investment fund it offers to become an independent, growing and sustainable source of donations. All of our portfolio managers agree to donate a portion of their management fees and each fund will support the institutions that its managers and team have personally chosen to support.

We hope to find more good people along our path to work with us, to invest with us and to give back. As an investor, we hope you too may see your investments yielding priceless returns.